Aces/Soccer Concessions Shifts through September

Hello All,

Below are the dates that we have signed up for Aces/Soccer. All dates in July-Sept will go to the general fund to make Hawaii more cost effective for everyone. Thank you to all that have volunteered so far and we are always needing more volunteers. Bring your friends and family to join in on the fun to help the Reed Band.

May 20 – Soccer
May 27 – Aces
May 28 – Aces
June 3 – Aces
June 10 – Soccer
July 3 – Soccer
July 15 – Aces
July 29 – Aces
Aug 4 – Aces
Aug 5 – Aces
Aug 26 – Soccer
Sep 2 – Aces
Sep 23 – Soccer
Sep 30 – soccer

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If you need to get a Alcohol card Adults we will reimburse the fee.