Aces/Soccer Concessions – Fundraising Shifts 2/18 + 3/11

Hey All,

We have a great opportunity to work the Aces/Soccer game at the Greater Nevada Field. The group will receive 10% of the sales for the day. Last year Fernley earned $10,000 over 8-9 games of volunteering. The only details are that the volunteers must be at least 16. Any individual over the age of 16 may work a shift for a student and have the amount applied to their account if they are working for group fees (Winterguard, Winter Drumline). If you are able to help we greatly appreciate it. There will be multiple dates so if you cannot work this date do not sweat it.

Attire: Tan/Khaki Pants with Red shirt, any color sweater.
Adults: If you have a Alcohol card from RCO please bring.
Enter: through Grey security entrance to left of Arroyo restaurant.
They will feed you!

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If you need to get a Alcohol card Adults we will reimburse the fee.

Author: Ron Eichstedt

Director of Instrumental Music