Saturday UNR State Competition 11/4


11:00am Calltime/Unload Trailer (In order to cut down band fees and costs of the program, we are asking that students meet at UNR at the North Lot, look for the trailer. If you need a ride please have your student notify their section leader or drum major.)

11:30-12:30 Food/Change into Uniforms (Provided by Boosters)

12:30pm-1:15pm Visual/ G/P Sectionals

1:20-1:45 Winds Warm Up

1:50-2:20 Full Ensemble

2:40 – Move to Stadium

3:00 Perform

3:30 Return to Stands to Watch Open Class

4:00 Awards

4:45 Standstill Performance @ Trailer (Tradition to perform the show one last time in Nevada with family in the Arcs. Bring the whole family as we perform in the Lot next to the trailer. This is a required part of the function, no early releases will be permitted.)

5:30 Load Trailer and Dismissal

Show Schedule

Author: Ron Eichstedt

Director of Instrumental Music