Aces/Soccer Concessions Shifts through September

Hello All,

Below are the dates that we have signed up for Aces/Soccer. All dates in July-Sept will go to the general fund to make Hawaii more cost effective for everyone. Thank you to all that have volunteered so far and we are always needing more volunteers. Bring your friends and family to join in on the fun to help the Reed Band.

May 20 – Soccer
May 27 – Aces
May 28 – Aces
June 3 – Aces
June 10 – Soccer
July 3 – Soccer
July 15 – Aces
July 29 – Aces
Aug 4 – Aces
Aug 5 – Aces
Aug 26 – Soccer
Sep 2 – Aces
Sep 23 – Soccer
Sep 30 – soccer

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If you need to get a Alcohol card Adults we will reimburse the fee.

Shriners Circus This Weekend

If you are free this Saturday and Sunday we are helping out the Shriners for their circus. The Shriners let us use their cotton candy machine for the school year for free! If you can help it’s free admission and free food. Plus you get to see the CIRCUS!!!!!!

Aces/Soccer Concessions – Fundraising Shifts 2/18 + 3/11

Hey All,

We have a great opportunity to work the Aces/Soccer game at the Greater Nevada Field. The group will receive 10% of the sales for the day. Last year Fernley earned $10,000 over 8-9 games of volunteering. The only details are that the volunteers must be at least 16. Any individual over the age of 16 may work a shift for a student and have the amount applied to their account if they are working for group fees (Winterguard, Winter Drumline). If you are able to help we greatly appreciate it. There will be multiple dates so if you cannot work this date do not sweat it.

Attire: Tan/Khaki Pants with Red shirt, any color sweater.
Adults: If you have a Alcohol card from RCO please bring.
Enter: through Grey security entrance to left of Arroyo restaurant.
They will feed you!

Sign up for Aces Stadium Concessions


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If you need to get a Alcohol card Adults we will reimburse the fee.

Reed Playoff Schedule

Friday 11/4 @7pm – Reed HS

Call Time 6pm

Thursday  11/10 @7pm – Reed HS

Call Time 6pm

“Senior Night” for Band Seniors, Parents and Family are encouraged to attend. Presentation @ Half Time

Friday 11/18 – @ Damonte Ranch

Call Time 5pm

Bus Leaves @ 545pm

Bus Returns @ 930pm


I’m With the Band Sweatshirt Orderforms, Due 10/19/16


There has been a request from many families to create a “im-with-the-band-hoodie-order-formIm with the Band” sweatshirt. There are two options, cotton for $19.99 and Under Armor Esque for $29.99.

Please remit payment and the order form by Wednesday 10/19. Checks can be made out to Reed Band.


My goal is to put in the order on the following thursday with a pickup by 10/25 so they are available for the Three Day Extravaganza of Football, SSHS and Damonte back to back to back.


Rib Cook Off Sign Ups!

1. Click this link to go to our invitation page on VolunteerSpot:
2. Enter your email address: (You will NOT need to register an account on VolunteerSpot)
3. Sign up! Choose your spots – VolunteerSpot will send you an automated confirmation and reminders.


*note – all signs up that were done on the board in the band room have been added already, if you need to have a previously signed up shift removed please let Mr. E know.*

Download Show Music and Fall 2016 PDF Calendar Here

Smoke and Mirrors Show Music PDF/MP3

The link above will take you to the directory to download the show music for “Smoke and Mirrors” Reed’s 2016 Fall Production. (Password required and sent in IC email 7/5/16)

2016 Raider Band Fall Calendar PDF

The link above will take you to a PDF of the current calendar of events for the fall. Changes may occur during the season and all parents/students will be notified via email and in class.

Remember Band Camp Starts July 27th. If you have any conflicts with Band Camp please email Mr. E at